SUNDAY JANUARY 29 Ride, Swim, Walk for the Roses


Join (one of) our activities and support the fight against cancer!

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Sail for the Roses | January 22, 2017

This year the Sail for the Roses will be held on Sunday, January 22 at Zeilhaven Asiento.

Registrations take place on Friday, January 20.

For Nafl. 50 you receive a T-shirt and a well deserved diner afterwards.

To find out more details regarding times and boat information, please send an email to

Rob Kouijzer


Benno van Leeuwen

SPINERGY | January 29, 2017

Every year, companies, organizations and friends can join in teams with a maximum of 10 members. Every team should keep their bike spinning for 4 hours straight, while members can take turns on self-chosen moments.

Such a fun and great way to raise money for the good cause, together!
Join the Spinergy!

Video: The Curacao Major Leaguers support our good cause!

A special thanks goes out to Sir. Hensley Meulens for inviting us to the Curacao Baseball Week events and introducing us to the players!

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Ride, Sail, Swim, Walk for the Roses | january 29, 2017

This year will be the 13th time we join our forces and make the whole island move against cancer. Ride for the Roses 2017 again promisses to become a great success. Do not miss out on that!

Get the feeling and watch this short movie of Ride for the Roses 2016!

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