15th anniversary Ride for the Roses CuraƧao

We have listened to you and made it possible exclusively during the 15th anniversary year to invite the entire community of Curaçao to organize… #..FTR EVENT

During the 15th anniversary year we will activate party's on Curaçao to host a #..FTR event with the aim to raise funds on behalf of RFTR Curaçao.


Strict conditions to participate to ORGANIZE YOUR #..FTR EVENT:

  • Each participating event should generate net income/funds of minimum Afl. 7,500.-  (earning model should be explained)
  • The managing board members of your organizing team should pass the good/credible reputation test.
  • The event should be a positive, activating community event, where people are engaged with each other to raise 1) awareness for the struggle against cancer and 2) funds for cancer patience on the island.
  • Alcohol or smoking or other articles or activities or themes associated negative effect on health or cancer or increasing risk for cancer should NOT play a role during the event.
  • It’s important that the organizer shows/explains how they will brand their fundraising event to increase trust and sustain supporter’s emotional drive to participate.
  • Each event organizer should comply with the RFTR house style guidelines to foster a cohesive RFTR 15th Anniversary experience.
  • The event theme should fit the overall RFTR mission. This way each #..FTR EVENT becomes a dynamic, meaningful experience for supporters that connects them back to our mission.
  • The organizing team should show a level of passionate reasoning and connection to the RFTR general cause, when throwing their event.
  • Participators / organizers should explain how they will be able to track their fundraising progress.
  • Upon granting the organization the #..FTR EVENT spot, the planning, organization of the event should be handled by the organization team, with monthly update reporting to the RFTR Board.
  • The requested participant/party should explain how their resources will be organized.

Together we raise funds to support cancer patients of Curaçao.

All requests to participate can be sent latest by December 31, 2019 by email to [email protected] with subject “ORGANIZE YOUR #..FTR EVENT."